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I am married to Tom with 2 fur babies! I have had a cleaning business for almost 9 years now! Am a clean freak!!! I love the outdoors and we all go out in our Ronimo (motorhome) whenever we can, we love the travel side of it and the social side!!! I have found a new passion in golf! It started in the first lock down when Tom asked me to try with a set of men's golf clubs!!!! 🤔 Needless to say I didn't do very well. I decided it wasn't for me and gave up as I couldn't hit a ball! Time passed and I tried again, but with some ladies clubs, now that was better!!!! 😉 I realised that I could actually hit the ball and even enjoyed the driving range! I quickly got hooked and Tom kindly bought me some golf lessons off Phil Newnes, the rest am afraid is history!!!!! I also joined Ladies Love Golf as it seemed a great place to start, also the fact that likeminded ladies were meeting up on a regular basis and it has become a social event for me to absolutely enjoy every week. I love life, i'm a people person, if you would like to chat to me, or message me about LLG, please feel free!!!

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