A Family Affair

Who knew that buying my parents golf clubs for Xmas after they retired would turn into a sport that I would also enjoy. It all started after my Mom started going to LLG on Wednesday mornings and a trip to Portugal was organised. She didn't want to go on her own so I said I would go with her, there was two problems.....I couldn't play golf and didn't even have a set to play with! So I bought a cheap set and every Wednesday evening I went along with mom to learn how to play.

I have never really been into sports but I love golf and 3 years on I still love playing the game. I have met some wonderful women and made friendships that I would never of had without golf. We have an amazing teacher, who has the patience of a saint! But most important of all I now have a closer relationship with my parents and my hubby has also fell in love with the game so not only is he my partner in life he is also my partner in golf.

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