Cristie Kerr is a superhero

Last week, veteran LPGA star, Cristie Kerr suffered a serious accident with her caddie. Losing light nearing the end of an impressive round, and driving the buggy on a path with a flashlight to illuminate the way, the pair maneuvered slightly off the path to allow an oncoming buggy to pass. In doing so, they hit a metal post head-on. Both of them were thrown from the buggy, Cristie dislocating 3 ribs and the pair both being rushed to hospital for treatment.

A terrifying ordeal for anyone, but even more disappointing for Cristie who was due to tee off in the US Open on Thursday and was certain she would not be playing with just days to go before the event. Cristie hasn't missed a US open since 1998. And whilst her health and recovery were far more important, there is no doubt of her disappointment in not being able to take part in her favourite event.

Fast forward 48 hours and Cristie arrived in Houston, ready to fight her way through what she hoped would be 4 days of world-class golf at the US open she was written out of just days before. Cristie had a new caddie with her and kept her driver in her bag during practice right up until the moment she had to tee off in the title race. What's even more astonishing is, Cristie managed a bogie free 2nd round and despite reporting in press interviews that her pain is a firm 6 out of 10, the 43-year-old is 2 over, going into the final day.

It's a staggering 23rd performance for her at the US Open, which is the longest streak of any active player and despite her injuries, Crisite has proved what a strength she is and although unlikely to bounce back to a win this year, she's undoubtedly a hero in our books!

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