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Coaching at your fingertips.

Access PGA golf coaches whenever you need them with our simple remote swing analysis.

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Looking after your swing, wherever you are

There has never been a better time to have your swing analysed remotely.

Ladies Love Golf offers a unique service to our members to enable you to have PGA coaching on hand. No need to leave your home or have access to special equipment, you can have your analysis and personalised improvement plan within hours.

Great value coaching, from your home

Compared to an individual coaching lesson, grabbing some personalised remote coaching is incredible value and keeps you improving, even when you can't be at the range. And there's even more value with LLG premium membership...

Just 3 simple steps

Record your swing using your phone. It can be a swing or a putt.


Once purchased, details of how to submit your swing will be set to you.


You will receive your personalised analysis and improvement tips.

Make a 25% saving if you're a premium member.

Slash an incredible 25% off the price of swing analysis as part of your premium membership. Unlimited purchases, for as long as you're a member. Join today and your discount code will be provided.

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Take a tip from us

Read our simple tips on how to record your swing.

  • Ideally, ask someone to film your swing
  • Make sure you and your full swing are both in shot
  • If you are recording yourself, place your phone somewhere safe and stable
  • If indoors, try to film somewhere bright
  • Keep background noise to a minimum
  • Provide 2 videos, one facing the camera and one side on
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