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For each purchase during lockdown, £10.00 thereafter.

Remote Swing Analysis.


Coaching at your fingertips.

There has never been a better time to have your swing analysed remotely.

Ladies Love Golf offers a unique service to our members to enable you to have coaching on hand. No need to leave your home or have access to special equipment. You can have your analysis and personalised improvement plan within hours.

3 Simple Steps
Record your swing
This can be a swing you already have on your phone or one you can easily record in your garden or open space. It can also be your putting stroke.
Submit your swing to our coaches
Once you have purchased the swing analysis in our shop, you will be sent details on how to submit your swing to a PGA professional.
Receive your personlaised analysis
In just a few hours, you will receive your analysis which will help you to understand the changes you need to make to improve your game.
Top Recording Tips.
  1. Ideally, ask someone to film your swing
  2. Make sure you and your full swing are both in shot
  3. If you are recording yourself, place your phone somewhere safe and stable
  4. If indoors, try to film somewhere bright
  5. Keep background noise to a minimum
  6. Provide 2 videos, one facing the camera and one side on
Face on
Side on
See how it works...
See how it works!
Still not sure how swing analysis will help you?
See the analysis in action and then claim yours for half price!


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