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Sometimes you need a little more help. Our frequently asked questions may have the answer

  • How do I book a group session?
    Using the 'book coaching' facility on our website. You will be able to select your chosen facility and the lessons you would like to attend as well as paying for your session.
  • What are the group sessions for this week?
    You can see all the sesssions available using the 'book coaching' facility. The forthcoming week's schedule is also emailed to every member local to a facility if they have registered as a member.
  • Are the group sessions appropriate for me?
    Our group sessions are aimed at all golfing experiences, from beginner to experienced. If you are brand new to golf and never played before, it is sometimes useful to arrange a 121 with a coach ahead of a group session. Send us a live chat message and we can arrange this.
  • Do I need to bring my own clubs?
    It is best for you to have your own clubs but if not, with notice, we can provide them for you no problem. Send us a live chat message if you are planning on attending a session but have no clubs.
  • What do I need to wear?
    You can wear anything you like but we advise that you are comfortable, not restricted and have flat shoes. Make sure you dress for the weather.
  • If I can't make a session, will I be refunded?"
    When you book you reserve a place which means we cannot sell that space to anyone else and potentially will not be able to fill it once you cancel. However, if you contact us using live chat, we will try to give you a code to move to another session or refund you providing we have enough notice.
  • How do I cancel a session?
    You can cancel a session using the confirmation email you received when you booked. But please be aware there is no automatic refund.
  • How do I register for community membership?
    You can register for the free community membership on our website via the membership tab.
  • How do I become a premium member?
    To become a premium member you can sign up through our members tab on the website, and click through to the premium page.
  • What are the benefits of a premium membership?
    Our LLG premium membership comes with many benefits such as 20% discount code & access to our structured LLG programmes conducted in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. 10% discount on LLG away days at nearby venues, 10% off UK LLG coaching breaks and competitions, 10% off social events, 5% off our hugely successful LLG overseas coaching breaks, access to physical or virtual coaching with our expert LLG PGA coaches, expert advice and exclusive discount with our travel partner Golf Breaks. We also have some fantastic facility benefits including discount on food & drink. Access a library of valuable tips and drills, access to our exciting calendar of events, discussion forum to connect with other ladies, Virtual support - got a question about your game?
  • I have paid for the premium membership but have not received my card?
    We print our membership cards at the end of each month, so if you purchased early in the calendar month, you may have a wait a little while. If the month has passed and you still have no card, please contact us using the live chat and we will check our records.
  • Where do I get my premium discount code from?
    When booking a group session, in the 'your information section' there is a box labelled 'redeem coupon'. This is where you type your group session discount code.
  • How do I use my discount codes?
    When booking a group session, in the 'your information section' there is a box labled 'redeem code'. This is where you type your group session discount code.
  • How do I renew my premium membership?
    Premium memberships are taken on a subscription basis which means they will automatically renew each year unlesss you cancel your subscription. We will notify you by email ahead of any renewal.
  • What facility is closest to me?
    Currently, we have facilities in Wolverhampton, Bolton, Burton on Trent and Knutsford. Our map will enable you to see which facility is closest to you.
  • What can I do if there aren't any facilities near me?
    If there aren't any facilities near you, you can still join us as a member and can still attend our events, UK and overseas breaks.
  • Are any facilities opening near me?
    We will always be adding more faciltiies and will contact you if you are local to a newly added facility.
  • Why am I not getting LLG emails?
    It is likely that your email provider is reverting our emails to your junk or spam folder. Please check them before contacting us. If you still are not receiving emails, you can let us know on live chat and we will check our records.
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